Our Story

My Painter is a family business.  Our success began with Wes Carmack who started this company when he moved to Bend in the year 2000.  Wes Carmack was a man who loved God and loved his family.  He built this business on hard work and integrity.  Wes passed away in 2013 and the business was passed on to his partner and son in law Daniel Burgess.  Daniel and his family are continuing to follow in the legacy left by Wes.  Our vision is to offer people a painting service that provides a personal touch and excellent workmanship.

Our company has pledged to observe the highest standard of integrity, and professional responsibility when serving our valued clients: 

  • By making no false promises or claims in advertising.
  • By providing professional courteous reception when the owner calls with an inquiry, or request for bid.
  • By keeping appointments at the agreed scheduled time. ( If a conflict arises to call the Owner and rescheduled prior to appointment.)
  • By providing a professional appraisal of the owner's needs.
  • By providing written specifications for the required project.
  • By encouraging only projects that are structurally and financially sound.
  • By being licensed by local authorities and following local requirements.
  • By providing proof of insurance to owners.
  • By fulfilling contract obligations.
  • By providing contractor labor warranty.
  • By maintaining communications with the owner regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work or unforeseen conditions.
  • By providing safe work conditions.
  • By being professionally responsive to owner service calls.
  • By attending continuing education programs.
  • By aspiring towards 100% owner satisfaction.


  • We promise to only hire and send to your home qualified painters with experience and character. 
  • We promise there will be no alcohol or drugs.
  • We promise we will respect you and your property. We will leave your home just as neat, if not neater, when the job is completed.
  • We promise we will show up on time. 
  • We promise to be courteous and considerate. 
  • We promise we will keep our shirts on with neat appearance at all times.
  • We promise will not play loud music. 
  • We promise we will not curse. 
  • We promise to stand behind our products and service with a written guarantee.