Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours with customers who are on the verge of having their home painted but can't decide what color is right for them.  In these situations I have discovered that color is very personal.  Everyone sees color differently and this is what makes the science of color selection so fascinating.  In some ways it is a study in phycology.

For example the color Yellow for some people evokes a feeling of tension and agitation.  For other people the color yellow reminds them of the beautiful beach house they stayed in last summer.  For them yellow is the color of happiness and optimism.

As I talk with potential customers about their project my goal is not to decide on a color for them but to ask the right questions.  I want to partner with them in their discovery process.  It's no secret that color can either make or break the way your home makes you feel, but luckily, neither is finding out how to choose the perfect color palette for you.

When the color's right, it can:

  • Enhance feelings of health and wellbeing
  • Modify perceived temperature — make your space feel warmer or cooler
  • Transform perceived space — make your space feel larger, or more cozy and intimate
  • Illuminate dark areas
  • Create mystery and romance in dull areas
  • Energize static areas