I would like to say I am always up for a challenge, but when I saw this project I was tempted to walk away.  All the owner wanted was a white ceiling.  The only problem was her ceiling was made of tongue and groove paneling and large rough sawn log beams.

As you can see we took the job and began the process of masking and preparing the wood to be painted.  In order to fill the large cracks in the logs we used "Great Stuff Big Gap Filler".  It is a spray foam that expands inside the crack.

After the foam dried we cut off the extra. Next we sprayed and back brushed one coat of stain blocking primer onto the entire ceiling.  It is important to use an oil based stain blocking primer because the tannin in the wood will bleed through the paint.  After the primer dried we could see all the little cracks in the logs that needed to be filled. We used a product called Pro Stretch which is an acrylic urethane caulk in all the cracks.  We even caulked over the top of the foam in the large cracks.

We let the caulking dry overnight then we were ready to paint.  We applied two coats of Miller Premium paint to the ceiling and here is the finished project.